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Thank you for visiting my online portfolio. Since you probably are curious, let me tell you a little bit more about myself … My name is Orkun Tekeli and I am a 3D designer & VR developer specialized in offshore and heavy industries. “How did he get there?”, one might wonder. I started my path in Industrial Design because of my passion in drawing, tinkering “things” and aesthetics. During my journey, I realized that design is not only functionality and aesthetics. It is also the interaction between people and tangible and intangible products and systems as well as their built environment.

Even though I am specialized in and passionate about 3D and VR/AR, I believe it makes me a better designer when I am able to understand the interactions, creating new connections between users, markets and the product to shape a better future with some creativity. That is why I decided to improve myself in strategic design as well.

Strategic designers have the ability to see the innovation opportunities in a specific context for their clients. This can be reflected by designing product service systems, business models and branding and marketing strategies.

I am a nomad who seeks his destiny in design and self-improvement and I believe that you must have fun with what you do.


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Telephone:+31 6 4917 9649

Utrecht, the Netherlands

  • Orkun Tekeli

    Orkun Tekeli

    3D Designer & VR Developer