Project for Barry Emons Angepast Spelmateriaal Bv
in collaboration with TUDelft, The Netherlands 2015
Team: Orkun Tekeli, Demosthenis Katsouris, HuiChun Wu, Kalliopi Savvaki, Jihoon Woo, Alannah Dsouza
Project management
Company and market researchs
Identify the roots of the problem
Service system development

Barry Emons Aangepast Spelmateriaal bv.

Developing a new product and strategic plan for Barry Emons
Barry Emons Aangepast Spelmateriaal bv is a manufacturer of specialized equipment and multisensory environments. A multidisciplinary team of six students, developed a sensory-integrated product for the demented elderly and a brand and product strategy for the company.

Exploring the company, its clients and their needs

The design direction was a result  of  interviews, creative sessions and other qualitative research methods to explore the company, context, needs, expectations and existing trends which played a vital role in the concept development.


The company was analyzed in its core values and activities, interviewing employees and management. Then current societal and market trends, the competitive environment and customers’ needs were analyzed as parts of external research. Challenges and opportunities derived from both internal and external realities, which led to the development of a future vision.

Turning insights to a design direction

An internal and external analysis of Barry Emons from the first phase led to the identification of the following problem statement: “In order to maintain their competitive advantage in the long-run and overcome economic and financial challenges, Barry Emons needs to improve their visibility, accessibility and product development process.” The design opportunity “Sensory Objects” was chosen for further development as it will help the company address future challenges.

Brand Strategy

Several interviews conducted to understand the brand image as perceived by its clients. The research indicated that although Barry Emons has a strong brand image amongst existing clients, insufficient exposure has led to limited visibility and accessibility for new consumers. During the concept development phase, the Barry Emons brand was further explored and the latent values were unearthed with the reconstruction of a Customer-based brand equity model, reforming its brand position and brand identity. Overall brand analysis followed by the recreation of the the brand vision and mission statements. Lastly, the brand promise and advantageous touchpoint opportunities for Barry Emons were created as the first strategic milestones for the rest of the marketing and launch strategy.

The impact of the new brand strategy on Barry Emons

Two months later, Barry Emons posted the brand vision, mission and statement (in Dutch) on their Facebook page. In 2016, CEO Eric Riegen became one of the 45 innovative employers at “Brabantse Besten”. Shortly after the project, the company increased the number of their delivery fleet, decorated with their new slogans and recognizable branding.

” Thank you for your great work. I think the branding strategy is important […]  I just started to take a managerial course to learn more about it few weeks ago.”

Eric Riegen (CEO at Barry Emons), Barry Emons Aangepast Spelmateriaal bv
Old van (right) and the new van with improved visibility of the brand (left)
New slogans according to the new mission and vision statement