DOB Offshore Wind Academy

DOB Studio – “Lagerwey Project”

DOB-Academy offers offshore energy education for professionals. As one of it’s branches, DOB Studio designs and produces high-quality videos and animations for educational and promotional purposes in the offshore industry. Here, I have worked with various clients from the offshore and maritime industry, and have I been the animation team lead on our large scale “Lagerwey Project”.

As a collaboration with DOB-Academy and Lagerwey Wind, we’ve created over 100 instructive assembly animations to build a Lagerwey wind turbine. These animations explained every step, from a single bolt to complex hub, nacelle, generator and tower base platform parts to be assembled to build a wind turbine.

In this project I have worked on:

  • Creating all of the 3D assets used in the animations from client source model/2D drawings;
  • Creating various overview and detail animations;
  • Preparing visuals based on the 3D models to assist the graphic design department.