HMC Department of Technology

Supervisor: Dave Woessner, HMC Lead Visual Design

HMC Model Factory

HMC Model Factory – A case study for Digital Asset Management

The HMC Department of Technology was seeking a solution to effectively manage its growing 3D Model Database where project, equipment and asset data is created and used for different purposes. The different departments within HMC have already managed to establish their own model databases, however their semi-independent structure and independent sources were causing model compatibility and optimization issues. The idea of HMC Model Factory arrised from these issues to create a single source for HMC Models.

The assignment to create a business plan started at the HMC Visual Team where most of the 3D content is processed into a final product, from the Drawing Office drawings to animations for projects or simulation models for the HMC Simulation Center.

Observation and the visualization of how the system works was the first step, later on design based business development tools were used to create an outline for the Business Model concept. Since the relationships were only involving HMC Internal Clients, the Osterwalder and Pigneur’s Business model canvas was modified for this organizational transformation.

As a result of various co-creation sessions, the need for client feedback has been identified as a starting point, since it was already stated that existing data collection methods still ‘require personal connection to understand the full story.’ Furthermore, the identification of client expectations and needs were ‘a bit’ problematic.

The client feedback system concept is developed to collect feedback by using basic metrics, patterns and responses to identify and finetune the design processes for the client needs.