Bachelors graduation project, Kadir Has University, Istanbul – Turkey, 2012

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. İlhan Erhan

Sustainable, organic farming education by composting

Promotion of eco awareness for the primary school children in slow cities

A sustainable, organic farming education system designed for graduation project focusing on one of the Slow Cities in Turkey, Taraklı. The objective of the Eco-education project was to create social awareness and promote waste management on the local “Slow City” community by educating children and encouraging social development for sustainability.

Actor transaction map – How the system works?

The project offers a “Sustainability and Environment” class in the local primary school, focusing on house-hold waste management and providing a sustainable organic farming experience, directly with participation by students and indirectly by their parents.

Integrating the waste management and the education system

The project was published in the July/August 2012 issue of the Design Journal (Tasarım Gazetesi), by Kale design center in cooperation with the newspaper Radikal, of Turkey.



Compostable compost carrier

This cardboard compost carrier will be given to the students who enrolled in the “Sustainability and Environment” elective course. Students will start collecting their organic waste in this box for seven days. It also bears tips for a healthy compost. It’s structure can carry 3 kgs of weight and coated inner surface can endure 7 days against organic humidity.



Compost bin

This turning composter resembles the globe, using the green world metaphor, emphasizing the environmental issues. It rotates both horizontally and vertically for easier turning and dumping. In addition the world map’s surface makes it an attractive object and encourages the children to turn it around.