Project for TONY’s chocolonely in collaboration with TUDelft, The Netherlands 2014

Team: Orkun Tekeli, Nihan Altuğ, Dounia Bourjilla, Susana Herrera, Maria Camilla Toro, Inge Vrolijk

Supervisors: Erik Jan Hultnik, Sylvia Mooij

Introducing Chocolate Sprinkles for Tony’s Chocolonely

Social Media Marketing Campaign

Use of social media to support the launch of new products and portfolio expansion. Our team worked around over 12 weeks to create a two-stage social media marketing strategy aimed to support the introduction of chocolate sprinkles to the Dutch market and increase Tony’s online and offline customer reach.

Phase 1 – Spread the word

The first phase of the project aims to reach the customers offline at retail channels (through the product), persuade Tony’s current and potential customers to go online and prepare the ground for the launch of Tony’s Sprinkles.

Phase 2 – Spread it to the world

The goal of the second phase was about retaining media and customer attention, using the Dutch chocolate consumers who are living abroad as “brand ambassadors” and the cultural aspect of sprinkles “Hagelslag” as the emotinal triggers. The expected outcome of the project was to increase awareness of the company and stimulating its growth.